Music + Poetry: Rulon Jaquez & Larry Neeff + Open Mic for Writers

July 30, 2018 • 7:30 p.m.
Crescent Moon Coffee Stop

Ruben Jaquez was raised in New Mexico and started playing guitar at an early age and spent many years on the road playing clubs and concerts across the country. Ruben and I finally got a chance to play music together and it was a musical match made in heaven. We understood each other's playing immediately and knew how to musically support each other. Three years and going strong.

Larry Neeff, in his words: I guess I've always been crazy about music. I taught myself to read music in the 5th grade so my folks got me into lessons for a couple of years. I had to teach myself to transpose and transcribe music in the 7th grade because I had started my first band and I found out right away that the horns were reading their music in different keys. Most of my early learning consisted of hearing a melody or song in my head and then figuring out how to get good enough to play it on the piano. It was good ear training. From there I learned blues, stride and a little boogie woogie. I've always considered my self more of a songwriter than a piano player or singer, but the kicker is, I have to sing and play my own songs because I'm the only one who knows the words and arrangements!

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