The Lone Tremor: Cory McDaniel

May 19, 2018 • 7:30 p.m.
The Lyric

The upcoming Artcore show on May 19 featuring The Tremors, will actually be presented by The Lone Tremor, who will be joined by costumed cast members from the PBS documentary "Dell Burke and the Yellow Hotel", along with percussionist Rick Verow and bassist Amy Gieske.

The Lone Tremor, Cory McDaniel, collaborated with Wyoming filmmaker Dennis Rollins, (who will be making a guest appearance, along with the largest piece of non-real-estate Dell Burke memorabilia in the state of Wyoming), to provide the music for the documentary which aired on Wyoming's PBS station March 30.

Through song and narration, the show will tell the story of Madam (literally!) Dell Burke, a Wyoming entrepreneur who operated a highly successful, publicly visible and generally beloved brothel in Lusk Wyoming from 1919 until her death in the early 1980s.

The show goes on at 7:30, May 19, 2018 at The Lyric Theater in downtown Casper, 230 West Yellowstone Street. Doors open around 7, there will be a cash bar, and an enlightening excursion into Wyoming history.

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