May 6, 2017 • 7:30 p.m.
First Presbyterian Church

Colcannon presents a warm and engaging concert experience. The musicianship is always first-rate, however the band's primary intention is not to impress or overwhelm the audience but rather to create a feeling of connection and community: to recreate, on a larger scale, the relaxed fireside conviviality that is at the heart of the vibrant tradition of Irish music.

Colcannon has developed a distinctive, inventive, and contemporary musical style while still keeping in firm touch with the heart and essence of traditional Irish music. Colcannon's concerts are renowned for their energy, for singer/frontman Mick Bolger's irrepressible sense of humor and sly wit, and, of course, for the music; music that expresses flights of joy, deep sorrows, and an unquenchable zest for life.

This review of a performance gives a nice summary:
"We started the evening as strangers and ended up great friends. Those who weren't aficionados of Irish music when they arrived must surely have been so by evening's end. Vocalist Mick Bolger sprinkled the group's performance with huge dollops of Irish wisdom and deprecating humor. A great storyteller with a flyaway mane of white hair, Bolger introduced many of the band's numbers with background information or jokes, eliciting laughter and hoots from audience members. From toe-tapping dance tunes to plaintive ballads to humorous ditties, the band offered a full range of Celtic music that lifted the spirits and happily heated up an already warm night. From dirge-like minor keys to lilting and cheerful melodic lines, the music expressed the whole gamut of emotions both instrumentally and vocally." (The Redland CA Herald)

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