Vitaly Beckman

May 1, 2017 • 7:30 p.m.
Highland Park Community Church

Vitaly is a world-class illusionist known for his original illusions such as erasing people's faces from their own driver's licenses or causing a paintbrush to paint on its own. His creativity and talents have taken him from his native home of Belarus to perform around the world, before settling in Vancouver, BC. Now famed as "one of Canada's most acclaimed and entertaining magicians" (Chilliwack Progress), Vitaly has gained a reputation as a mind-blowing performer who breaks down boundaries to let his audiences' imaginations roam into the realm of the impossible. He "is literally the master of his own magical domain" (The Province). Each and every one of Vitaly's illusions were invented and designed by him - this is truly a show like no other!

Vitaly's fascination with the artistic potential of magic was stirred by a David Copperfield special at age 14. After wowing friends and family with his beyond imaginative and seemingly impossible illusions, Vitaly came to realize that he could conjure up a stage-show unlike any other being performed. Departing from his family home and leaving behind a career in engineering, Vitaly honed his artistic approach to illusion. Since coming to British Columbia in 2008, he has been amazing local audiences, leading him to be featured on the CBC, and in the Vancouver Sun and the Province to name a few.

Vitaly's intimate and engaging method of interacting with his audience, in addition to his celebration of the imagination and sense of wonder that he believes all humans possess, has led him to "gain a reputation as one of the most captivating and enjoyable illusionists performing in the world today" (Chilliwack Progress).

"It's hard to imagine that one man on a stage in East Vancouver could offer much that we haven't seen. But - with the help of our imaginations, and his - he does." - Vancouver Weekly

Co-Sponsored by the Des & Carrie Bennion Family/the Bon Agency Insurance. KCWY-13, & the Parkway Plaza. Partial funding is from Natrona County School District No. 1 and the Schneider Fund in Wyoming Community Foundation - Casper.

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